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August 23, 2021 Recommended Negative Vibe Quota Milbod Hummmmmmmmm
July 18, 2021 Dear Jupiter: My Tongue Has Become A Snake! Jupiter
July 18, 2021 Top 10 Lines To Guarantee Getting A Third Date Big Mama Terrible
May 29, 2021 Are You A Markov Chain? Find Out Now And Get Help? Dernberger Spengleton
April 9, 2021 Dear Jupiter: Should I Build Robot Lips To Please My Girlfriend? Jupiter
March 12, 2021 Women Re-defines Love Function Dernberger Spengleton
February 9, 2021 Open Letter To My Past Self Name Withheld Due To Safety
December 13, 2020 Dear Jupiter: I Can Only Express Myself Through Elaborate Performance Art Jupiter
October 28, 2020 A Damn Good Case Of The Brownie Bonkers Pleakley Pow Pow
October 28, 2020 Status Of The Realm Of Ideas Aldus Humbleton
October 28, 2020 10 Essential Weasel Montgomery Jones Records Flip Gilligan
September 23, 2020 Meet the denizens of my cyst, You Dirty Dog The Inanimate Empathist
September 23, 2020 Dear Jupiter: My Best Friend Froze Herself Jupiter
August 16, 2020 Alan Partridge Returns With Advice Alan Partridge
August 16, 2020 Big Animal Planet or Big Animal Hoax Cryptic Mark
February 29, 2020 Rest In Peace With Ripper Linda Ripper Linda
January 25, 2020 Squid Wrangling Methods Dave Fingle
December 6, 2019 Inanimate Empathist Breaking And Entering Tom Johnson
November 1, 2019 Dear Jupiter: My Boyfriend Turned Me Into a Vampire And Dumped Me Jupiter
October 23, 2019 Kindergaten Learning Shines Like The Sun Mrs Porter
September 26, 2019 Dear Jupiter: I Am Jealous of The Alternate-Reality Version of Myself Jupiter
September 4, 2019 Dear Jupiter: "I'm a Formless Ball of Light, and I don't want my boyfriend to know." Jupiter
June 17, 2019 Community Classifieds Management
May 14, 2019 In Response to A Study In Cow Pelt And Citrus The Inanimate Empathist
April 16, 2019 Pop Magazine Pivots Focus Away from The Animate BoobnBob
April 16, 2019 Man Grows Auxiliary Mind Clarence Mon
April 16, 2019 Need For Charles: Darling Haunted in Cali Hank T. Joseph
February 20, 2019 How To Reach the End of The World Cro Raka
January 9, 2019 Response to "Sinners in The Hands of The Fake Sun" George S. Halfly
December 18, 2018 Advice: Keep Two Notes for a Growth-Focussed Life Youbus Leeftim
April 19, 2018 Intelligent Computer Worm On The Loose Tom Johnson
April 19, 2018 New Column: Ask G.G. For Advice G.G.
December 31, 2017 Milkwalker Sightings Cro Raka
November 14, 2017 Catching Up With The Arkansas Howler Joe Kierlskegrienger