Senior Hoff Dazzle-Razzle Magoogoo Forced Out of The Tree Folk

The Editors,
Times Staff

The Tree Folk are a non-partisan organization dedicated to reason and civic duty. They are led by a single “senior hoff”.

Due to a recent power struggle, Senior Hoff Dazzle-Razzle Magoogoo has been forced out. His successor, former Double Junior Hoff Ricko No-WIcko, promised a more pointed agenda for the Tree Folk:

“For too long we have remained neutral. We have forgotten our name. We are not just The Folk, we are the Tree Folk. It’s time to stand up for the trees. No one else will. Therefore, the Tree Folk will devote all their energy to the protection of trees. We don’t care about animals. We don’t care about people. We don’t care about minerals. We care about trees, and Magoogoo didn’t understand that.”

Magoogoo gave the following statement to the Times:

“Now I truly do not recognize the Tree Folk. What was once of the most well thought out non-partisan advocacy organizations in the U.S has been consumed by tree-talk. I won’t be part of it. The vote of no confidence was a long time coming. I say good riddance.”

The Times wish Dazzle-Razzle Magoogoo the best in his future endeavors.

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