Surrealist Media Organizations Join Forces

The Editors,
Times Staff

As we approach bihex 27, the underlying fabric swirls chaotically but fruitfully. History unfolds rapidly as ever — everything knowable, true or false, or unknowable, all at once, infinite things each infinitely worth recording always. So much so, the task of documenting it all is overwhelming.

For this reason, two pillars of today’s surrealist media are joining forces. One based in Boston, the other in Amherst. Merging together, they plan to spread their pen-wielding tentacles across Massachusetts and beyond, and to produce the quantity and quality of journalism that the modern surrealiverse demands.

Surreal Times Boston, a Boston-based magazine and community posting board, the brainchild of Paul Kleiner, will be merging into the Amherst-based newspaper. Writers and artists involved with STB will continue their efforts mostly as they were, but as part of a larger unified effort. The websites will merge. Newspaper distribution will broaden. Small newsroom rabbit holes will be dug in various places, and shovels will be provided for freelancers to dig their own holes. Underground electricity canals will allow those deep inside rabbit holes to send information to one another from afar, without needing to retreat from their local investigations. Melding together minds, eyes, ears, and physical locations, this is a great time for those who believe in more than the thin slice that is reality. More is possible. More are seeing; more are hearing. More collaboration, and more stories. More more more, and more, until flying in a dream means as much as flying anywhere else.

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