A Joint Statement From The Surreal Five

The Editors,
Times Staff

What follows is a joint, signed statement speaking for all five members of the Surreal Five.

We have been given an opportunity. No opportunity is free. Every opportunity requires work, time and often frustration. We will work, we will give our time, and we are eager to be frustrated. The future - a flash free future - is ours for the taking. No one can force us to take flashes. We will return to our schoolwork at UMass unless that prospect becomes untenable. We will live normal lives - until they become untenable. Then we will live Surreal Lives. We are ready to soar, lifted by the hot air of Surreality.

The pineal gland, the Seat of Surreality, is the most important part of the body. Our pineal glands, as those of anyone exposed to the chemical H-33, are no better or worse than those of the unexposed. But they are different, and to deny this difference is to deny reality. But perhaps denying reality is what this is all about.


Samantha Blisse
Richard Smalls
Pavlov Polertski
Wendy Yoon
And one student wishing to remain anonymous

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