Astronaut Stranded On Lagrange Point

Bob Bhenke, astronaut on the International Space Station, was separated from the ISS during a spacewalk. He floated aimlessly into space while the other astronauts napped. When someone finally noticed Bob was missing, he had made it all the way to L1, the position between Earth and the Sun where the gravities of these celestial bodies cancels out perfectly.

So now Bob is trapped in this location where there is no gravity, and he has no way of propelling himself elsewhere.

Bob has roughly one month worth of oxygen, and a rescue trip will take at least three weeks. NASA is in the planning phases now of an emergency rescue mission.

May we all pray to someone or something that NASA makes it to Bob in time, or before the radiation causes him to grow new limbs.

The Peripheral Intelligence Agency plans to rideshare a small explorer satellite with NASA on their trip towards L4 in hopes of discovering other items or beings stuck in that gravity vacuum.

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