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December 12, 2021 Power outage causes slow motion Tom Johnson
December 12, 2021 What is compound neuronal exposure disease? Doctor Cozma
August 23, 2021 New Covid Variant Detected Paul Kruger
August 23, 2021 Recommended Negative Vibe Quota Milbod Hummmmmmmmm
August 23, 2021 New Study Suggests This Is All A 4th Grader’s Fever Dream Ludwig Andre Hogan
July 18, 2021 Astronaut Stranded On Lagrange Point Carl Mon
May 29, 2021 Gov. Mandates Continuous Integration Testing Of Humans Common Observer
March 12, 2021 Multiple Personalities Given Voting Rights Carl Mon
February 9, 2021 Free Respawn Service Offered Downtown Tommy Potentuary
December 13, 2020 Oroxtaclüve Sighting Downtown Amherst, Collateral Damage Carl Mon
August 16, 2020 Alan Partridge Returns With Advice Alan Partridge
August 8, 2020 Preservationism: A Manifesto Leonid Chelmsford
March 1, 2020 “Pimp My Brain” Will Blow Your Mind Tommy Potentuary
March 1, 2020 Pupil Stage Of Noise Moths Discovered Hubert E. "Eyebrows" Perrywinkler
January 25, 2020 Opinion: Nuclear Won’t Last Aldus Humbleton
January 25, 2020 Collective Cattle Consciousness Claps Carnivores Aldus Humbleton
December 6, 2019 The Operation Was A Success But The Patient Was Dead The Crooked Spoke
October 4, 2019 Intelligent Life Destroying Itself Ferdinand Maxwell
October 3, 2019 Piss Potability Activists Give Us The Piss Himturr Shnottz
May 21, 2019 My Name is Mr. Terrible And I Just Like to Sneak Around Mr. Terrible
May 15, 2019 The Story of Time Cryptic Mark
May 13, 2019 The Mechanical Fellow Saves Us From The Noise Moths Crisis Tommy Potentuary
March 14, 2019 Man In Castle-About-Which-World-Rotates Cannot Break Out or Be Broken Out Dernberger Spengleton
February 26, 2019 The Fall of The Former Martian Ambassador The Purple Hermit
October 28, 2018 Truck Breeding Season Returns After 100 Year Absence Clarence Mon
July 25, 2018 The Fate of The Cockfighting Roosters Tom Johnson
June 6, 2018 Science Fair Invention Makes Relationships a Dream Tommy Potentuary
February 20, 2018 Norwottuck Rail Trail to be Extended Dernberger Spengleton
February 14, 2018 THE DEATH OF SURREALITY: PART ONE OF THREE Joe Kierlskegrienger
January 11, 2018 Dennis Horizontal Hands' Inaugural Column Dennis Horizontal Hands
November 28, 2017 Has The Truth Behind The Surreal Engine Been Revealed? Anonymous
November 9, 2017 Prose Poem From Recent Festival The Editors
October 19, 2017 Mathematicians Speak Out Suthagorous
September 25, 2017 Squanderers of the Molecule of Life! Professor Burgowittz
July 27, 2017 U.S. Scientists Edit Embryo DNA Professor Burgowittz
April 25, 2017 The Times, Hiring! The Editors
March 3, 2017 Local Investigation That May Be of Interest to The Concerned Citizen Cro Raka
March 2, 2017 Tsunami Hits Western Mass Professor Burgowittz
February 24, 2017 Dr. John and Charles Neville to bring New Orleans to Northampton Doctor Goldstein
February 2, 2017 UMass seeks energy crown Clarence Mon