Bonkers Bozos Think the Answer is in The Past

A whole bunch of people nowadays are thinking about the path to happiness in a whole new way, and a foolish one at that. They think that everyone out here working every day, socializing, and striving for wealth and ease of living, are actually all wrong. They think that normal people are overshooting far, far past the endpoint of the path to happiness. They think that, at some point in the past, we were at the point of most potent happiness, but that we skipped right past it.

People are putting up flyers all around saying that computers and social networks are ruining us. I don't think they’re wrong on that point. However, they went so far as to say that easy jobs and the pleasantness (or purposelessness, as they call it) of life is leading us to feel unfulfilled and depressed. Technology has a big part to do with it too, they say.

So they’re saying that, if we want to be happy, then we should renounce our material possessions and live outside the safety nets of society. We should go where life is hard, but where the struggle of survival brings fulfilment.

They recommend hunting, fishing, and foraging deep in the forest, where you wouldn’t be able to get help even if you needed it.

But, they realize that most people won’t do this on a whim...

So, they are inviting people to Central Park for primitive life trial runs. Toes dipping in the water... One month at a time in a loincloth, in a cage full of animals and plants and other primitivists. They say you’ll connect with the essence of life in the cage so much, you won’t ever want to leave.

I personally am not so sure about those bollocks… and, to be honest, I suspect their narrow-headed beliefs are mere products of the narrowing realm of ideas.

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