Doorstep Toddlers Stealing Data

[[Artist's depiction of these events by Zotov]]

Toddlers from the Advanced Math Kindergarten have been going door to door, pretending to be lost and asking homeowners to help them find their way home. They appear harmless and innocent, but they are smart and maniacal. When you give them your phone to call their parents, they pretend to make a call and sneakily download your personal data onto a USB thumb drive. They then proceed to other households.

We confiscated one of their thumb drives. It had copies of 12 cell phones onboard. None of the todds would explain themselves. So, for now, all we could do was give them a talking to and ask their parents to do the same. For future reference, if anyone, even a child, asks to make a call with your phone, we recommend you dialing the number for them and letting them talk over speakerphone while you keep ahold of your device.

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