Eddie Octo Achieves Surreal Engineering Masters Degree

The Editors,
Times Staff

Eddie Octo, the Surreal Times miniature Newsoctopus, today was granted a masters degree in Surreal Engineering by the University of Dortmund. Surreal Engineering is the field of using Surreality to improve our lives, whether it’s powering a car or acting as a neurotransmitter. “It’s a hobby that’s become more than a hobby rather quickly, I must say,” Eddie says, “I look forward to both the culmination of my degree and my work as a Newsoctopus. I’ve met many chums in my time commuting to Dortmund, and maybe we can all meet up before I return to Amherst- how thrilling!”

The Surreal Times looks forward to publishing Eddie’s commentary on matters related to Surreal Engineering.

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