Experience New Qualia At Electromagnet World!

[Artist’s depiction of these events by Sawyer Philips @doodlesbysawyer]

Stuck in the same old mindset? Having un-original thoughts? Un-original feelings?

You're in luck. Come to ElectroMagnet World in Bombay Beach, and experience a new, fresh state of mind!

ElectroMagnet world is the hottest new attraction at the Bombay Beach Amusement Park. And it works like this. You sit in our zen lounge -- sit wherever you'd like. Get comfortable, make yourself at home. Listen to music if you'd like, or read a book. We'll help set the lighting and the general vibe however you'd like it. Then, when you're ready, we'll bring out the magnets. These magnets, when placed near your brain, will produce an electromagnetic field capable of causing spontaneous triggerings of your neurons. We'll trigger neuron activations in sequences you've never experienced before, triggering unique new mental states and subsequent thought streams.

You may sit in a chair or wander around our magnet park if you are feeling mobile.

Visitors include meditation students, artists of various kinds, and psychiatric patients. A variety of people use this new technology to get themselves out of the frame of mind they are stuck in, and onto something new. Great art has been created here with the help of magnets. And, from a different perspective, many people with psychological traumas have had a chance to escape their mind sink.

"It's a blast to get blasted with magnets!"

Side effects include discombobulation, goofiness, and a crazy look in the eye. Partake at your own risk.

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