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December 12, 2021 Nippled Bird, Mime Engage in Psychic Energy Battle Dernberger Spengleton
December 12, 2021 Sound Worm Havoc On Halloween Dernberger Spengleton
December 12, 2021 A Dimension inside a Disco Ball Dernberger Spengleton
December 12, 2021 Drink Helium For Social Distancing Craig Burroughs
December 12, 2021 What is compound neuronal exposure disease? Doctor Cozma
December 12, 2021 Martian Medusa And Her Scheming Tendrils Medusa's Tendril
August 23, 2021 Picnic In The Sahara Dernberger Spengleton
August 23, 2021 Recommended Negative Vibe Quota Milbod Hummmmmmmmm
August 23, 2021 2024 Presidential Candidate Announces Height Equality Campaign Paul Kruger
July 18, 2021 Unusual Teaching Methods At Chiptooth Kindergarten Dernberger Spengleton
July 18, 2021 Once People Walked Here, But Now Only A Few Do. Vivian Mauve
July 18, 2021 Have You Ever Experienced Something … So Bad Vivian Mauve
May 29, 2021 Synchronicities As A Service Tommy Potentuary
May 29, 2021 Hiccupper Quarantine Camps Carl Mon
May 29, 2021 Are You A Markov Chain? Find Out Now And Get Help? Dernberger Spengleton
May 29, 2021 Experience New Qualia At Electromagnet World! Tommy Potentuary
April 9, 2021 A New Kind Of Hiccup Carl Mon
April 9, 2021 Gravity Preppers Wear Bricks On Their Feet Dernberger Spengleton
April 9, 2021 Sister Spirits In Old Churchyard? Finnick Lightfoot
April 9, 2021 Op-ed: Proposal To Replace Presidential Debates With Something Much More Entertaining Paul Kruger
March 12, 2021 Clay Catastrophe: Metamorphic Earth Gone Wild Pleakley Pow Pow
February 20, 2021 Ricky Amadour: Artist, Designer, Musician - THE NEWEST CANDIDATE IN OUR BRAIN EATER PROGRAM Zed Murky
December 13, 2020 Etymological Erotica: Meat Your Maker Madame Madman
December 13, 2020 Be The Video Game Character You Always Dreamed Of Tommy Potentuary
October 28, 2020 The Resilience Of Pastrami Man Ludwig Andre Hogan
September 23, 2020 Community Classifieds Management
September 23, 2020 Exciting Performance At Exhibit to be Unveiled Vivian Mauve
September 23, 2020 Questions: Would you Rather? Paul Krueger
September 23, 2020 Dear Jupiter: My Best Friend Froze Herself Jupiter
September 23, 2020 Inexperience Pilots Needed * Advertisement *
August 16, 2020 Alan Partridge Returns With Advice Alan Partridge
August 8, 2020 Preservationism: A Manifesto Leonid Chelmsford
May 12, 2020 Line Life: Health and Wellness using Lines Theodore Munnely
February 29, 2020 My First Line Training Experience Dernberger Spengleton
February 29, 2020 An Encounter With The Demon That Does Good Vivian Mauve
January 25, 2020 Flip Gilligan's Guide For Listening To "kid A" By Radiohead Flip Gilligan
January 25, 2020 Two Friends Discuss The Nature Of Mind, Body, And Personal Identity Cryptic Mark
December 24, 2019 Demon that Does Good Coming to Easthampton Dernberger Spengleton
December 6, 2019 Human Hair Salad: Is It Canabalism? Derek Nussbaum
December 6, 2019 Is Happy Greens Vegetable Farm An Insidious Cult? Ludwig Andre Hogan
December 6, 2019 Review Of Maplewood 5 Vivian Mauve and Dernernberger Spengleton
November 2, 2019 I Almost Joined A Cult And Was Glad About It V. Mauve and Sebastian Pingas
November 2, 2019 Island Has Confusing Experience Unnamed Island
November 2, 2019 Tomlinson LLC Experiences Workplace Friction BoobnBob
October 5, 2019 Sex With Brain Parasites Goes Mainstream Ed Nucklebalm
October 4, 2019 The Film Critic's Homunculus Ryan Cameron
October 3, 2019 Letter From The Foreign Dreams Correspondent Alan Partridge
September 26, 2019 Surreal Yodeller Walks the Streets of Boston Yellow Pete
September 19, 2019 Magazine Joins the Surrealist Frontlines The Editors
August 30, 2019 A CALL TO ACTION ON THE SURREALIST FRONTLINES Dernberger Spengleton
June 17, 2019 On Underground Electricity Canals Theodore Munnely
June 17, 2019 Correspondence on Foreign Dreams Alan Partridge
June 17, 2019 Logs of Earl Bristol Goddard Published The Purple Hermit
May 21, 2019 CC: Hallucinations Wanted Gustav
May 21, 2019 Grieving in the Wake of An Idiot Alien's Deportation Ron Gutterston
May 13, 2019 Visions of Emerald Sea Sweep Amherst The Editors
April 16, 2019 Buttler Collective Seeks Information on Hobbling Jelly Filler BoobnBob
April 14, 2019 Deluxe Papa Vape Pods Hit Stores Roberto Piccolo
March 14, 2019 A Study In Cow Pelt and Citrus Eddy Cruise
March 12, 2019 Take a Whiff of an Aroma Flick At The Aroma-Theatre Downtown Amherst Tommy Potentuary
March 11, 2019 Man Who Won't Stop Talking Caught, Applauded Michael O’Really
February 22, 2019 Local Student Finally Escapes Infinitely Looping Hallway, Angry He Missed Winter Break Sax Tuba
February 21, 2019 A Secret Feast in Argentina Cro Raka
February 20, 2019 Geese Departure Pushed Back Again Leila
February 19, 2019 Obituary: Big Brass Bessie The Editors
January 13, 2019 Psychoactive Noise Moths Do Not Affect Humans Whaler S. Fishpole
December 19, 2018 "Beware The Tabun Needle" Saul Smalls, with the help of an editor surviving the same illness
December 18, 2018 The Great Terrifier Returns to Campus Cecelia Ceiling-Sealant
December 16, 2018 Sinners in The Hands of A Fake Sun Moe “Tiny” Schlemiel
December 4, 2018 Who is Chimpanzee Joe, The Surreal Times Newschimp? Joe Kierlskegrienger
November 19, 2018 Teenager Looses Tooth Cigarette Jousting Bernard Gigliotti
October 31, 2018 Micro-economists Combine Energy to Form Single Macro-economist The Purple Hermit
October 20, 2018 Scale Replica of Amherst Discovered Miles Under Amherst The Purple Hermit
October 15, 2018 The Surreal Three Split Moe “Tiny” Schlemiel
October 7, 2018 Dodge Responsibilites with New Disassociex©! Advertisement
September 3, 2018 Two Men Were in the Middle of a Life Changing Moment Cryptic Mark
July 30, 2018 April 29th Special Broadcast Times Staff
July 18, 2018 Who is Chimpanzee Joe, The Surreal Times news chimp? Joe Kierlskegrienger
May 30, 2018 Sandwich Store Snips Ribbon Tommy Potentuary
May 30, 2018 Notorious Chief Of Agnatroptes Witnessed Serving Sun Dernberger Spengleton
April 20, 2018 Craigslist Post Appears Offering Bicycle Day Deal Common Observer
April 19, 2018 Government To Begin Investigation of The 'Shower Act' Cryptic Mark
March 15, 2018 Unusual Birth Occurs in Wake of Snowstorm Dernberger Spengleton
March 3, 2018 THE DEATH OF SURREALITY: PART TWO OF THREE Joe Kierlskegrienger
February 25, 2018 An Inspiring and Virtuous Tale Unfolds Before Our Eyes Earnest
February 20, 2018 Interesting Trend Spreads Across South America Cro Raka
February 14, 2018 THE DEATH OF SURREALITY: PART ONE OF THREE Joe Kierlskegrienger
February 8, 2018 Eyrie Eyrie House Hotel Is Recieving Guests Again Cro Raka
February 8, 2018 Anonymous Tape Left At Journalist's Home The Editors
January 11, 2018 Dennis Horizontal Hands' Inaugural Column Dennis Horizontal Hands
December 23, 2017 Response to that Lousy Chimp Doctor Goldstein
November 28, 2017 Has The Truth Behind The Surreal Engine Been Revealed? Anonymous
November 9, 2017 Strange Contraption Brings Mindfulness Dernberger Spengleton
September 26, 2017 The Times, Hiring an Assistant Weatherman The Editors
September 23, 2017 More News on the Infamous Criminal Mad Harry Cro Raka
August 4, 2017 The Eclipse and A Call To Action Reverend Garland Hobbes
August 4, 2017 Call to action for the second coming Reverend Garland Hobbes
June 14, 2017 Considerations Related to the Colonization of Irregular Solar Systems Clarence Mon
February 2, 2017 A look at the creature of North Amherst Ron Gutterston
February 2, 2017 A peculiar occurrence Dernberger Spengleton