Parental Controls For The Eyeballs

The national police committee for protection of children now recommends parents install smart contact lens into their children’s eyes and enable the parental control feature from the bluetooth-connected mobile app. Doing this will give you the ability to see what your child is seeing at any given moment, blur things out from their vision as necessary, and arrange automated blurring patterns, for example, to prevent them from seeing propaganda, sexual anatomy, or other things not conducive to a quality childhood.

In today’s world, it is no longer enough to place parental controls on your children’s computers and smart phones. Doing so will not help you shield them from physical world perversions which are ever present. Nor will it help you protect them from augmented-reality components of daily life, in which advertisers and bad influencers of various kinds inject inappropriate content into the physical world.

This is unfortunate, but when your enemies are fighting with fire, what else are you to do but fight fire with fire. The only way to fight back against youth-corrupting technology, is to use technology itself.

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Stay tuned for parental controls for other senses coming soon. Hearing-control should be available in the coming months. And smell, next year.

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