Special Report: On Recent Developments in Hermitude

The Editors,
Times Staff


There has been multitudinous development in the realms of hermitude as of late. Many individuals have dabbled in it, delved into it, and even become obsessed with it. In some cases, persons have devoted their entire lives to the hermitist cause.

See examples of hermitude in these specific accounts of modern hermits, and in related commentary:

  1. The Hermenaut Blasts Himself Into Orbit
  2. Vow: I Will Blast Myself Into Orbit To Deride The Hermenaut
  3. Vow: I Will Drown Out The Chimp's Taunts With My Howl
  4. 24th National Hermit Convention Ends In Disappointment
  5. Dr. Evans Vows To Be Ultimate Hermit, Descends In Sea
  6. Opinion: Is The Hermenaut Even Interested In Becoming The Ultimate Hermit?
  7. The New Hermit: Selena Sneebly
  8. My Brush With Hermitude

And note: individuals mentioned in these articles are a small fraction of the hermits in the world today. And, in all likelihood, they will be a smaller fraction of the hermits in the world tomorrow.

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