Demon that Does Good Visits Easthampton

[Photo by Casey Morgan Rose]

The Demon that Does Good, also known as DemEyes or Demise, visited Easthampton this month and left a wake of arguably benevolent chaos in her path. Jumping up and down, bouncing too and fro, she showed a million faces between each second. An audience gathered round; she spoke to them, explaining that she is a demon that does good, or at least a demon that does try. All demons sense fear, she said. The audience is the source of the fear, and so she began stirring the crowd, singing with them:

"Potion or poison: the virus, the cure?
Potion or poison: buried or unearthed?"

After many absurd & mesmerizing events, her story culminated when she danced with and ultimately murdered Death. However, it was not long before Demise realized that, without Death, there is no fear (which is food for her and her fellow demons). So she and the Vampire of Time, who together in their spicy but messy relationship are responsible for all the destruction in the world, join forces in a ritual involving a moth and a mantra. "A life lived for the light in the shadow". "A life lived for the light in the shadow". They conjure Death back to 'life', thereby undoing their earlier deed and replenishing needed fear in the world.

Once all was said and done, the many demons on scene began pulling members of the audience on stage for a concluding dance party. How lovely it was.

I had the chance to speak with the light side of the demon, Murry Eyeball, a few days after all of this. To synchronize, we began with a word association game.

When I said "demon", she said "charming". When I said "fish", she said "can of worms". When I "anguish", she said "archaic". When I said "education", she said "everywhere". When I said "flow", she said "lahhhhhh" or something similar. When I said "lightbulb", she said "oh dear old Tesla".

We then proceeded to some Q & A.

Q: You mentioned that and light are made of the same stuff, or are two sides of the same coin? What is that stuff and where can I get it in its pure form? A: "Nothing that you seek can be bought at a store."

Q: When did you know you were a demon? She said that "It is a knowing that you just remember," before telling stories of Rashshasa demons being born out of Brama, Brama yelling "help me!" Ms. Eyeball spoke of past lives, inter-dimensionality, and how, while this is "the life", all the other lives are layered on top of it.

Q: Out of all the possibilities at any moment, all the branches of the multi-verse you could possibly take, how do you decide what to do next? A: "Oh, you dream. The dreams are the way, folding in and folding out of the bellows. Dreams are the portal to unlimited portals, and they permeate."

Q: What do you mean by permeate? "Dreams are all realities and dimensions," she said, before shedding light on how Buddha always had his eyes just barely open, almost entirely closed. It is because he is keeping view of all the worlds at once, this one included. When you close your eyes in this world, you open them to another world. Eyeballs are the direct extension of neural tissue. They are the intersection between dimensions. The body holds eons of memories. Epigenetics too has a role in passing down parts of other lives into ours.

Q: You’ve accomplished so much already. What would fulfill you so much that you would be finished and could lay down and shut your eyes forever happily? A: "It really would be lovely to see a holographic tiger dragon king mermaid at the beach, but it wouldn’t stop me, just inspire me. Maybe I would pause for a minute, but at some point would be churning and churning again to no end. There are so many lives to live within this one."

Q: Most desired superpower? A: "I used to say speak all languages, but that’s not really necessary anymore. Psychic communication is beyond the vernacular... So I guess my superpower would be to grow sprouts out of my hair. To have armpit hair like a shiitake mushroom, and to have a whole ecosystem inside of my body. I would sprout whatever my body needs, and I could just pluck it off and eat it. I could be the potluck. I really dislike going to the store. I used to grow food, but needed to take a break."

Q: How do you accomplish so much in a day? A: "I accomplish so much in the night..."

In whole, the performance was so astounding and jaw-dropping all the way through, so completely potent, that you get to the end loving everything about it but still not knowing what exactly you are loving -- feeling happy, feeling confused, feeling as though you had bee made aware of many indescribable things outside the realm of description. Certainly, I felt more alive and full-dimensionally appreciative of life afterwards. As the demon said herself, "I had a point at one point." But she also said, "I'm always cumming..."

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