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December 12, 2021 Column: Pleakley's Afternoon Pleakley Pow Pow
December 12, 2021 Anti-Clown Attacks in Amherst Dernberger Spengleton
August 23, 2021 The Completed Observations Of An Oatmeal Beard On A Bus. Melanie Richardson PsyD
July 18, 2021 Dear Jupiter: My Tongue Has Become A Snake! Jupiter
April 9, 2021 A Call To Immediate Action: Baconize The Pig Zulu Z. Zulu
April 9, 2021 Dear Jupiter: Should I Build Robot Lips To Please My Girlfriend? Jupiter
March 12, 2021 Task Tony Helps Belen Find Love Tony Pepperoni
December 13, 2020 Dear Jupiter: I Can Only Express Myself Through Elaborate Performance Art Jupiter
December 13, 2020 Aldus Presents: Unperiodic Reminder Aldus Humbleton
October 28, 2020 Task Tony Episode 1 Tony Pepperoni
March 1, 2020 Selected Not-news Since 1973 Frank Earhorn
March 1, 2020 Dear Jupiter: My Biological Father Is Abraham Lincoln Jupiter
February 29, 2020 Rest In Peace With Ripper Linda Ripper Linda
February 29, 2020 Book Review: Voldemort Goes To Hawaii Professor Nutmeg
November 2, 2019 Island Has Confusing Experience Unnamed Island
November 1, 2019 Dear Jupiter: My Boyfriend Turned Me Into a Vampire And Dumped Me Jupiter
September 26, 2019 Dear Jupiter: I Am Jealous of The Alternate-Reality Version of Myself Jupiter
September 4, 2019 Dear Jupiter: "I'm a Formless Ball of Light, and I don't want my boyfriend to know." Jupiter
May 13, 2019 These Things Are Innocent Eddy Cruise
July 11, 2018 Baron of Bullets: I Have The Ultimate Weapon Marcus Van Door
April 19, 2018 New Column: Ask G.G. For Advice G.G.
March 15, 2018 Community Classifieds The Editors
January 11, 2018 Dennis Horizontal Hands' Inaugural Column Dennis Horizontal Hands
November 28, 2017 What's So Great About Language Anyway? Chimpanzee Joe