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December 12, 2021 What I learned from trading my penis for a VHS copy of "Willow" starring Warwick Davis (Now on Redbox!) Hank T. Joseph
August 23, 2021 Turtle's Dreams The Editors
April 9, 2021 Send Us Your Dreams The Editors
April 9, 2021 Meese Herds Return To Home In Sw Ontario. Ellie Zandt-Balmer
March 12, 2021 Human-like Pet Store Opens Downtown Tommy Potentuary
March 12, 2021 Amadeus Huntington, The Plant Destroyer Paul Kruger
February 9, 2021 New Business In Town: Kid Swap Paul Kruger
February 9, 2021 Letter To The Editor Anonymous
December 13, 2020 Help! I Just Can't Get Away From These Beefy Crabs Hubert E. “Eyebrows” Perrywinkler
October 28, 2020 For Lease: My Grandmother’s Voice In A Box Charleigh Clark
September 23, 2020 Meet the denizens of my cyst, You Dirty Dog The Inanimate Empathist
August 16, 2020 Alan Partridge Returns With Advice Alan Partridge
July 12, 2020 Third Eye's Brew Murry Eyeball
May 5, 2020 Conversations Overheard: Lobster Mac & Cheese Phillis "Psychic Philip" Phillips
March 4, 2020 Community Classifieds The Editors
March 1, 2020 Discovery Of Junkyard Jukebox: Orchestrion Of Dreams Pleakley Pow Pow
January 25, 2020 Demon that Does Good Visits Easthampton Dernberger Spengleton
January 25, 2020 A Dream Is Simply A Wasted 8-hour Rest Cycle Loomis Taunch
December 6, 2019 An Ancient Graveyard Alan Partridge
December 6, 2019 Learn To Lucid Dream Cro Raka
December 6, 2019 PIA Defeated By The Reality Supremacists Carl Mon
November 2, 2019 Slimeball Secretes When Scared FunkFreakFrank
November 2, 2019 Island Has Confusing Experience Unnamed Island
November 2, 2019 A Missive To The Editors Of The Surreal Times Alan Partridge
October 5, 2019 The Carousel of Unending Happiness Your RingMaster
October 3, 2019 Letter From The Foreign Dreams Correspondent Alan Partridge
August 30, 2019 A CALL TO ACTION ON THE SURREALIST FRONTLINES Dernberger Spengleton
June 17, 2019 Ode to Lobotomies Your Neighbor
June 17, 2019 Correspondence on Foreign Dreams Alan Partridge
June 17, 2019 Logs of Earl Bristol Goddard Published The Purple Hermit
June 17, 2019 Carousel of Unending Happiness Lies In The Home of The Walking Dead Charleigh Clark
May 21, 2019 The Sunken Head Says Bye and Somni Says Hi The Narrator
May 21, 2019 Encounters of the Tweener Trinketeer Date Back to Early 70s Melanie Richardson
May 21, 2019 She's in the Carousel of Unending Happiness Now Your RingMaster
May 14, 2019 In Response to A Study In Cow Pelt And Citrus The Inanimate Empathist
April 16, 2019 Have You Seen The Balloon With Teeth Melanie Richardson
March 13, 2019 Account: I feed Myself to Myself Hubert E. "Eyebrows" Perrywinkler
March 12, 2019 Man In Castle-About-Which-World-Rotates Wishes To Leave His Castle Dernberger Spengleton
February 21, 2019 Knocking for Dreams Somoni Endadid
February 20, 2019 How To Reach the End of The World Cro Raka
February 19, 2019 Obituary: Earnest Earhorn The Earhorn Family
January 2, 2019 Mullen: "You'll Get What You Want" Hubert E. "Eyebrows" Perrywinkler
November 26, 2018 Honors College Begins Mushroom Operation On Finely-Shredded Hopes and Dreams The Purple Hermit
November 5, 2018 Surreal Paraguay Cro Raka
September 27, 2018 Wendy Yoon: "I'm doing it for the dreams." Roberto Piccolo
July 30, 2018 April 29th Special Broadcast Times Staff
June 6, 2018 Science Fair Invention Makes Relationships a Dream Tommy Potentuary
May 30, 2018 Internship Position Opens Management
April 19, 2018 Sightings Of Doppelgangers In The South Cro Raka
November 11, 2017 Music Review: PC Music, vol 1 By Various Artists Paul Kleiner
August 10, 2017 Hungry Parakeet Scandal Common Observer