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The Mechanical Fellow Saves Us From The Noise Moths Crisis

Chimp Joe Helps, To His Own Detriment

With the aid of Chimpanzee Joe, The Mechanical Fellow utilized the UMass emergency alert system to bait in and exterminate the biting, psychoactive noise moths that have been terrorizing campus. However, it was not without sacrifice on the part of Chimp Joe.... [Continued]...

Spengleton's Partner Returns to Instigate a Novel Swap

Dr. Linda Peterson and (RIP) Professor Burgowittz involved

This article concerns journalist Dernberger Spengleton’s life partner. She is a wholesome, caring, wise woman. She gave him her eyes when his were ripped out from his eye sockets by a spider. Having somehow seen the goodness in him, she married him a moment afterward, entrusting him to forever act as her eyes.... [Continued]...